Last updated at 2005/04/28 06:37:11 PDT by Temporal

This is the home page of the Grand Unified 3D Game Engine project (GAUGE3D), which aims to produce a high-quality open source 3D game engine. This project is currently "on hold", with no schedule for returning.

I started this project many years ago for fun. While working on the project, I learned a lot about C++ and object oriented programming. After a few years refining my techniques, I came to the realization that the C++ language itself was holding me back. Soon my mind was full of ideas for a better language.

I eventually decided to put GAUGE^3D on hold and work on producing that language instead. The language is called Evlan. It is still under development, but it has come a long way; the web server serving this very page is written in Evlan.

I hope to return to GAUGE^3D eventually, and to make it the official game engine of Fate of Io, a project aimed at producing an actual video game. At this time, however, I have no idea if or when that return might come.

The old GAUGE^3D web site (which includes playable downloads of the old C++ version of the engine) can still be found here: © Copyright 1999-2005 Kenton Varda
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